Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Blue Monkey

Little Blue Monkey and Little Green Monkey were great friends. They talked to each other about important things, they held hands when walking together and snuggled against each other on the very cold nights. They thought this would never end.

One day Little Green Monkey decided to leave the path and go and see what was over that hill. Little Blue Monkey was very upset about this and explained to Little Green Monkey that she didn't think this was wise, that in doing so he may not find happiness and there might be dragons.

Little Green Monkey walked alongside Little Blue Monkey but was constantly looking at the hill and he stopped holding her hand or snuggling with her during the cold nights.

Not long afterward Little Green Monkey left and disappeared over the hill. Little Blue Monkey was very upset and Big Red Monkey gave her many hugs and told her that everything would be ok in time. Little Purple Wombat reminded Little Blue Monkey how loved and appreciated she was and said that in time she'd be ok and would be happy again.

All of Little Blue Monkey's family, who were on the road with her, loved her and supported her in their own way.

Little Blue Monkey still missed Little Green Monkey and kept looking back to see if he was running behind them as if to catch up, knowing that he wasn't and wouldn't be likely too. Over time she stopped looking back, but hoped that one day Little Green Monkey's path would cross or come close to hers so that she may see him again and see if he was ok.

And maybe one day they may again walk side by side, holding hands and snuggling when the nights were cold.

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